We Are 4GL Solutions. Steel Manager III In-House Production Customer service is taken very seriously Moving your steel inventory

We are 4GL Solutions, an industry-leading source of customized metals management software. Steel Manager III, our flagship comprehensive metal service center software, is an enterprise-class, fully integrated solution capable of handling every aspect of ERP in the metal industry. Inventory control, purchasing, sales, in-house production, picking, shipping, outside processing, accounts receivable/payable, and reporting are just some of the features built into Steel Manager III and it is all backed by 4GL Solutions' commitment to superior customer service!

4GL Solutions is much more than just a producer of high quality ERP metal center software; we also offer custom programming, staff training in a range of venues, data migration, hardware configuration, and technical services. We are also ready to help your company with the implementation and management of an ERP solution for your metal service center. Increase your company's efficiency, generate sales, and reduce costs with 4GL Solutions metal distribution software today!